Growing Up

Our baby Jude is 3 months old! We're did the time go?! Feel like it was just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. 😢 Today I packed up all his newborn stuff and tucked it away for the next time we will need it. So many cute outfits.  We had our 3… Continue reading Growing Up


Cloth Diapering 

When we were planning our first child I really wanted to go all out and do the minimalist route/all natural route. I had grand plans of an all natural home birth, cloth diapers, breast feeding, essential oils, etc. half those goals were accomplished!   After Jude was born I went to put his first cloth… Continue reading Cloth Diapering 


The Grapple: A Parents Favorite Tool

I first found this product at Portland's baby expo during Mother's Day weekend. I was so fascinated with the design. One of the workers at Seahorses store slapped it on the table as I was helping them unpack products to show me how it worked. When she opened it up it was amazing! I have… Continue reading The Grapple: A Parents Favorite Tool


Did We Just Become Best Friends?

My best friend and I are up together in church. We sat together, her mom was my youth pastor, she babysat my brother and I, and eventually my mom watched her son. I took over for my mom and became Avery's nanny for 4 amazing years. I watched this little kid grow and learn before… Continue reading Did We Just Become Best Friends?


Scoring A Beaba and Making Baby Food

Yesterday I found a gently used green Beaba ($200 retail) that came with the steamer basket, grain/pasta cooker, a huge stack of baby food containers, and a spatula for $30! I LOVE Facebook marketplace. It has allowed me to get really nice things for our kids that we otherwise couldn't afford.  We cleaned the whole… Continue reading Scoring A Beaba and Making Baby Food


Unschooling At 2 Months 

With 20+ years of experience around babies I'm far from a first time mother. My mother ran a home daycare since I was born and after she stopped doing that after 20 years I became a nanny for 4 years. I've seen how kids grow and thrive in different environments. I've seen a multitude of… Continue reading Unschooling At 2 Months