Beach Day! 

On Monday the three of us traveled to Cannon Beach to view the solar eclipse. It was Jude’s first time at the beach! My thinking as I was packing was that it would be warm and sunny. It is August! So this is how I dressed Jude. Well the beach was 52 degrees with wind! Oh my! I quickly dressed him in his warm pjs that I brought for him to wear home. Clearly mama did not view the weather for that day! 

As the eclipse started we were quickly bundled up in all the blankets and towels freezing! Poor little guy shivered before I got him all bundled up. Once he was warm he passed out for a nap during the eclipse obviously! The beach got so dark and a creepy haze rolled in. This was right before totality. The whole beach had a rapture like feel as everyone was still and staring at the sky. Once the eclipse was over the beach cleared of fog and people. We stayed as it warmed up a bit more and ate our picnic lunch. Jude got to try a bite of pudding since it was a special occasion! He shook with excitement wanting another bite. Daddy said he could have one more! Spoiled! 

We played in the sand. We ate a fistful. Daddy got hypothermia walking into the ocean! Then we packed everything up and walked around the shops. It was a tiring but fun day. It was amazing seeing everything from the beach! 


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