Difficult Times

Lately I've avoided and taken a break from blogging. Didn't feel like I had much to say honestly. Tyler still hasn't found a job and we were hurting in every aspect with just his very part time job.  Some hiccups led to Beca and the girls still not moving yet.  But difficult times do not… Continue reading Difficult Times


My Child’s Clothes

I haven't gotten too many negative responses to Jude's clothing. Part of that could be because he's still a baby and people just assume he is a girl. Jude, along with all our other children, are being raised to love all colors and that clothes are for wearing regardless of their gender.  Let's be honest:… Continue reading My Child’s Clothes


Meet Us

I'm Tyler. I'm currently 43 years old. I'm the father to Jude and Gizzy (Kristyn) and husband to Miranda. I enjoy video games, table top gaming, being a father, eating any sweets my wife bakes, and Legos. My favorite comic book characters are Batman and sandman. I love Doctor Who and really any superhero/villain movie.… Continue reading Meet Us