Zoo Day

We went to the Portland zoo for the first time today! Some new friends invited us with a bunch of other moms. This was Jude’s first time at the zoo. We certainly took the opportunity to wear a new outfit! 

How cute is that outfit?! Bruno the lion tagged along with us as well. We can’t go to the zoo and see lions and not bring Bruno! We decided to bring our big stroller and use it for the first time. I took the infant sling out so we had the toddler bench with a standing board and the front baby seat. 

It worked out so nice! Our friends only have a one child stroller for their 11 month old but their 4 year old got to use the bench. He loved it! I also adored how he would stroke Jude’s head talking to him and telling him all the animals we were going to see! He was Jude’s little guardian for sure! 

We all walked about seeing lots of animals and letting the little ones get out to walk. Throughout the day there were stroller changes and kids in all different strollers. As long as somebody had a stroller and a kid we were good! 

By the end of the day most of the kids were asleep in their carriers or strollers. Those who weren’t played for a bit and passed out shortly after! It was a really lovely zoo on a nice day! 

We can’t wait to get a family membership so we can go explore some more areas we didn’t get to today. The area also has a children’s museum and several other attractions that all share the same parking lot park area. So much to do in such a small area! 


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