Growing Up

Our baby Jude is 3 months old! We’re did the time go?! Feel like it was just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. 😢 Today I packed up all his newborn stuff and tucked it away for the next time we will need it. So many cute outfits. 

We had our 3 month midwife visit. Our midwife is awesome and also does pediatrics. So not only did her office deliver him, do my prenatal, but they are also his doctor! No stress of finding a pediatrician. He is growing heavily weighing in at 13lbs 11oz and is 26 inches long! Our boy is long and big! He got his first shot and barely even noticed it. Clung to his daddy and his wub tight. As for strength and milestones and abilities he’s closer to a 4-5 month old. He just wants to grow up too quick! 

He has shown zero interest in rolling. That’s fine. Every kid is different. His sister didn’t roll either she just went straight to crawling. He’s sorta trying to do the same. Today though he did his first roll! He was so proud of himself! ​

Jude has been able to hold his head up steadily for a minimum of 10 min since the day he was born. Unusually strong baby. Because of that sitting up came easily. He loves sitting up in his foam chair. He’s just a bit too tiny so I have to stuff a blanket in the chair to fill up the space! 

When it comes to eating we let him guide us. He is a foodie for sure! He adores food! Everything I’ve given to him, except peaches, he has devoured! He LOVES spinach, carrots, potatoes, and cantaloupe. Bananas are still his absolute favorite. Such and odd and awesome child! He loves yogurt and oatmeal. At night we give him some oatmeal in his bottle to thicken it some to help him sleep. Tonight I surprised him with banana baby oatmeal in his drink for a fun banana flavored night time drink! He loved me even more. 

We purchased a munchkin latch transition bottle so he could use the handles with a normal bottle nipple but for kicks I let him try the sippy cup nipple. He LOVED it and took to it so easily! Drank the whole bottle! The next morning I tried giving him a bottle and he just kept spitting it out and rambling angrily. I had never heard this out of him before. Eventually Tyler said why not try the sippy cup? So we did and sure enough that’s what he wanted. After a few drinks he pulled it out of his mouth and I swear he cussed us out in baby language! 


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