Sleeping Woes 

We don't typically have any issues with Jude sleeping. Since he was born we were blessed with a baby that liked sleeping. We are at 3 months and have a very strict evening routine that works amazingly for us and he sleeps through the night. Now I know that doesn't happen with all new babies.… Continue reading Sleeping Woes 


Father’s Day Dadiator Games 

On the Saturday before Father's Day Tyler was a contestant for the Dadiator Games hosted by the awesome baby/children's store geared towards fathers called Seahorses in Portland, Or. Six fathers competed for the title, trophy, and bragging rights of ultimate dad! The day kicked off with music, story time, face painting, and balloon animals by… Continue reading Father’s Day Dadiator Games 


Meet Us

I'm Tyler. I'm currently 43 years old. I'm the father to Jude and Gizzy (Kristyn) and husband to Miranda. I enjoy video games, table top gaming, being a father, eating any sweets my wife bakes, and Legos. My favorite comic book characters are Batman and sandman. I love Doctor Who and really any superhero/villain movie.… Continue reading Meet Us


Miniware Dish Set

Today I recieved our Miniware dish set in the mail for the kids! I won the set in a raffle at Portland's baby expo on Mother's Day weekend and I've been so excited to finally get it. The dishes are made from bamboo fibers and food grade silicone. The dishes have attachable silicone suction cups… Continue reading Miniware Dish Set