Baby Wearing

When it comes to babies the easiest way to carry them is in some sort of baby carrier. Trust me! Your arms will fall off otherwise! Our family has tried a lot of different carriers in the past 4 months and thanks to Tyler’s work being at a baby/kids store we are able to test a lot of others the store has. 

The first ever carrier we used for Jude was a moby wrap. A moby wrap is about 6 yards or either woven or knit fabric that your wrap around your body. I grew up seeing my mom use a moby wrap and this wrap is actually the exact one she used! It has pros and cons to it.

 The pros: it is soft for mom and baby. With mine being a knit it was very cozy. Jude was 2 days old in that picture when we went out. It is very adjustable. Since you are just dealing with straight fabric it is very easy for several body types to use the same wrap. Tyler was able to use the wrap to walk around the mall with Jude. Easy to clean. With no fancy buckles you can through it right in the wash! It grows with you and the child! If you use woven it can hold over 100 pounds! I’ve seen it done! A friend put her husband on her using a wrap to prove that weight and age shouldn’t stop you from the bonding! 

Cons: the knit fabric is very stretchy so about three different times each use I’d have to tighten up the wrap. You are dealing with a long ball of fabric here and it is a hassle to try and use in a parking lot without it getting tangled or dirty. Unless you use a woven fabric you can’t use the wrap for very long because the knit stretches too much. 

The next carrier we bought used was a baby bjorn. It wasn’t bad for the $5 we got it for! It was way easier to put on and to take with us. It has easy color coded clips and Jude fit in it very well in the beginning. 

Pros: it is lightweight and easy to toss in the car and use. It fits Tyler well with his broad shoulders. It is easy to understand and use with very little adjustments. 

Cons: Jude at 4 months has already almost outgrown the bjorn. The carrier does not fit me very well at all and after about 30 min my shoulders are killing me from the weight. It offers no hip support for the baby. 

This is the Juno carrier that Tyler and Jude modeled for nw kids magazine! See little peeking out there!? I can’t say a whole lot on this one since I haven’t personally worn it. I can say that it actually fit Tyler comfortably which is had with this type of carrier. With the hip strap it took a lot of the weight off the shoulders which helps reduce pain. Has a nice sun shade you can pull up and clip to the shoulder straps. 

This is the Sakura ring sling. The one in the picture is a silk type one and the one we own is cloth. I love this thing! It fits me very well and Jude gets all snuggly in it! 

Pros: they are very easy to clean and usually don’t require any special care. You can find slings in a large array of colors and patterns which is so much fun! If you are crafty you can make one. It is easy to breastfeed in if that’s your thing. It can grown with you. As the child gets older you can pop them on your hip. The weight for me has been very dispersed. 

Cons: as Jude got bigger his face seems to gravitate towards the rings to chew on. This does not fit Tyler at all in any way. It can sometimes limit your range of motion with the baby on one side and the sling fanned out on the other. The silk one got really warm with my inferno baby but our cloth one is light and way more breathable. Sometimes feet get smashed if you sit and aren’t checking. 

The last one is the Onya baby which I love! I don’t have a picture of us using one yet because Beca ordered us this exact one and it hasn’t come in the mail yet. We’ve used it a lot of work though! 

Pros: it has hip support for adult and baby. It can be used for newborn to toddler. It can go on your back or front. It has a rain/sun coverthat snaps to the shoulder straps. Multiple pockets and areas to clip toys, keys, pacificers, etc. you are able to buy chewable pads for the strap areas and a pad for the front it you are forward facing to save your carrier from getting dirty! Have I mentioned how often I clean my ring sling?! 

Cons: this does not fit a broad shouldered man well. It is more gear towards narrow and shorter people. It can get a little warm sometimes. There aren’t very many color options in my opinion. If you like brown and beige you are golden! It can be a little tricky at first to find the adjustments you need. 


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