Our First Fourth of July

My Fourth of July’s growing up were spent celebrating my mother’s birthday. Last year we grilled out, played board games, and then Tyler and my brother Seth blew stuff up! Since we are halfway across the country now we had to figure out our own festivities.  

It was also my brother’s dog Charlie’s birthday! We sure do miss having them all around for game night and grilling. 

Most of our morning was spent playing with the baby. I made some homemade cantaloupe baby food for him to try during lunch with us. The cantaloupe was a HUGE hit! I’m pretty sure he loved it as much or more than his bananas! 

We watched some CSI and ate lunch while the baby napped. Tyler didn’t have any work so it was a lazy morning and afternoon spent together. We showered and packed the diaper bag for that evening then started in on cooking dinner. We made cheesy chicken and rice. After eating that up and loading up the baby we were off to see Fort Vancouver’s firework show. 

Don’t let his grumpy expression fool you! Jude had a blast looking at all the people and trees. The little girl next to us gave him a glow stick which made him so happy! We had the awesome opportunity to try out Ems 4 Bubs noise cancelling headphones. The soft band was a little tricky to learn at first but the headphones worked so so well that Jude slept through the entire fireworks show without even budging! All around us little kids were so scared of the noise and our little one was happy, asleep, and safe. 
We also got to use our new paperclip diaperbag. This nifty little bag has a fold out changing table which Jude napped comfortably on during the show. It is an awesome convertible bag that easily goes from diaperbag to adult messenger with a simple zip. 

Hope everyone had a safe and family filled 4th! 


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