My Child’s Clothes

I haven’t gotten too many negative responses to Jude’s clothing. Part of that could be because he’s still a baby and people just assume he is a girl. Jude, along with all our other children, are being raised to love all colors and that clothes are for wearing regardless of their gender. 

Let’s be honest: girls clothes are brighter, have more colors, and tend to have better designs that aren’t sports or vehicles. Can I just say I’m so tired of the trucks and footballs! 🙄 we got Jude a set of unicorn rainbow pjs. He loves them! Yes HE loves them. He shoved his face into them and shrieks in excitement because they are soft. His sisters are over the moon about them too! We all win with these fun pjs! 

Don’t get me wrong we buy boys clothes too. Mostly space and dinosaurs! We try to stick with those two subjects or animals. We don’t have any sports or vehicular because that’s not what our family likes. If he picks that out when he’s older  so be it! 

Our favorite go to clothing is leggings. They stretch over his cloth diapers and are easy to roll and play in unlike denim. That being said I do love overalls! This kid is so long and I love that I can adjust the height on them and they stay on him! Unfortunately the boys section doesn’t have leggings. I would love solid color leggings or all colors. Those have proven impossible to locate at a good price. So to the girls section we go! Only problem is half the time they half ruffle butts which is annoying. 

Some of my favorite outfits are from Gymboree, Children’s Place, and Carter’s. They are the one piece play rompers. Typically bright colors and fun designs. They are thin, breathable, and easy to move in making play time and nap time enjoyable. 

I’m a huge sucker for a cute well put together outfit! Shoes, socks, the works! I don’t do it often because it isn’t practical or sometimes comfortable. But seriously, who can deny those adorable little old man outfits?! 

Worse comes to worse just choose a hotdog! Clearly he loves this choice! 
To us clothes are meant to be worn. Dresses, camo, pink, blue, tutu, pants. It doesn’t matter. He will decide what feels good to him. 


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