The Grapple: A Parents Favorite Tool

I first found this product at Portland’s baby expo during Mother’s Day weekend. I was so fascinated with the design. One of the workers at Seahorses store slapped it on the table as I was helping them unpack products to show me how it worked. When she opened it up it was amazing! I have never seen a children’s product like this before. All the bright colored tethers came spilling out! She was able to quickly and easily attach toys. No annoying Velcro or snaps. The whole material is so simple to wash so no more stained fabric from cup straps. I was hooked! 

The sleek design of the Grapple makes it so easy to stash in the diaper bag or in my case clipped onto my Paperclip diaper bag! I love the bright pop of color it gives my gray bag. Im constantly having people ask me what the little apple is on my bag!

Because of the awesome tether system I can and have literally attached anything to Jude’s from his dragon nookums, to his favorite Frida finger puppet, to ring toys, and silverware for when we eat! The silicone grips the objects and they don’t budge!

Now I had to push the limit and test the suction on this thing myself. I’ve used suction cups that have straps to hold cups and they always ended up on the ground in a matter of minuets. I was still skeptical on how this could be any different from those. I suctioned it to the table and pulled. And pulled some more. DANG! This thing had some amazing suction!

I have yet to find any negative comments on this product. It is sleek, easy to clean, the suction is amazing, it is whimsical, and holds multiple objects. Our 4 year old has even used it to hold her drink and snack container while in the stroller so they don’t fall off. Even though it isn’t meant for it, Jude has taking a liking to the ribbed tether without any toys on it to chew on with his gums. With teething starting the long strand reaches his whole mouth. I’d be a crazy mama to take away something that soothes him while teething!

Visit Grapple’s website to check out how they work, both apple colors, and to buy your own! Or if you’re in the Portland, Or area stop by Seahorses Pdx to check them out in person! This is a baby must!


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