Scoring A Beaba and Making Baby Food

Yesterday I found a gently used green Beaba ($200 retail) that came with the steamer basket, grain/pasta cooker, a huge stack of baby food containers, and a spatula for $30! I LOVE Facebook marketplace. It has allowed me to get really nice things for our kids that we otherwise couldn’t afford. 

We cleaned the whole system last night and I’m super excited to get to use it today to make the little one food! I have nothing against store bought baby food. It is great and convienant and I’ve used it already. I love the idea of making my own food because I can make blends that aren’t available in stores and I can make fun squeeze pouches for the adults and older kids lunches! We are pretty excited to try the baked apple oatmeal cinnamon blend for ourselves! 

My system is a 2-in-1 steamer/cooker and blender. You pour the water in the top on the left, put your veggies or fruit into the steamer basket, put it into the processor, and set it to steam. The light turns on while steaming and turns off when it is done. Super easy! If I want to make rice, grains, or pasta I use the orange basket and follow the same steam settings. It seriously doesn’t get any easier! If you need to thin out the baby food for first eaters you can set aside some of the steaming water, which is very healthy and full of all those nutrients from the food you cooked, or you can use breast milk. I don’t recommend formula as it spoils so quickly and then all that food you worked hard on will go to waste. 

When you start feeding a baby for the first time stick with just one fruit or veggie only and wait 2-3 days before you introduce another food to make sure they aren’t allergic. Jude has already had bananas, peaches, apples, potatoes, watermelon, and sweet potatoes. That gives me a great arsenal to play with different blends until we introduce more fruits and veggies. If you do introduce a new food and you start seeing little bumps all around the mouth and face, upset stomach, crying, and spitting up then reduce the exposed to the food and try again in a few months. Jude has a sensitivity to milk and because of that he takes lactose medicine when his stomach gets upset. Every kid is different and complex! 

Tonight I’m going to make ground oatmeal for cereal and some blended cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, strawberries, cranberries, and plums for him and us to try. Melon has amazing health benefits and unfortunately you can’t get it in store baby food. Two of the biggest health benefits is that is helps against diabetes and asthma which both of our families have so if we can help prevent that we will! 

The ground oatmeal with plums was a big hit for him! He had to get use to the texture at first but I bribed him with bananas and he was sold! I made two batches of plain sweet potatoes for Jude to mix some fruits into. The last batch I did was for us and it was sweet potatoes, cranberries, and strawberries. So good! No added sugar and a ton of health benefits! If I can get Tyler to choose a homemade fruit and veggie blend over candy then that’s a win in my book. 


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