Did We Just Become Best Friends?

My best friend and I are up together in church. We sat together, her mom was my youth pastor, she babysat my brother and I, and eventually my mom watched her son. I took over for my mom and became Avery’s nanny for 4 amazing years. I watched this little kid grow and learn before me. It was like a trial run for parenthood! There was the picky eater stage, the potty training, the tantrums, preschool, and lots and lots of love. 11913503_10153332192296284_4571619693532340040_n

Avery became like a son to me and I loved it. Through him I became closer to his mother Taylor again. Everyday was a new adventure for us. We learned all the planets together, played with dinosaurs, built robots, baked cookies, whatever we wanted to do we did it! For a while he was what I needed to work through my depression. His smiles and laughs and gentle soul helped me.

Eventually Avery moved on to kindergarten and no longer needed a nanny. In a way this was ideal since I had moved an hour away and still made the commute everyday to watch him. I missed that kid dearly and Tyler and I were struggling with infertility to have our own child so I felt as though I had lost my only baby. Things started to look up and I became pregnant. Avery was over the moon! I would mail him copies of sonograms and he would keep them all on his nightstand. One of the last times I saw him before we moved he hugged my belly and said I love you baby Jude. My Mama heart melted seeing this small human so excited to meet my own baby.

When Jude was a little over a month old we flew back to Missouri to meet everyone for the first time. Taylor and Avery were so excited to meet Jude. It made me so thankful and warmed me to see my best friend loving my son as much as I loved hers for so many years. The night I went into labor Avery lined up all the sonograms before bed and said tomorrow I will finally get to see you. Avery has been so proud and loving to Jude. We get him pictures everyday since our visit and he is already counting down the days until Christmas so he can see Jude again.

Taylor’s mom made the boys matching shirts that sum up the entire relationship perfectly. Like love at first sight, these two boys became best friends instantly. I have a feeling Christmas is going to be chaotic fun with those two.



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