Sleeping Woes 

We don’t typically have any issues with Jude sleeping. Since he was born we were blessed with a baby that liked sleeping. We are at 3 months and have a very strict evening routine that works amazingly for us and he sleeps through the night. Now I know that doesn’t happen with all new babies. Our four year old is a perfect example of that. Some tools we greatly find useful are swaddle blankets. They come in all shapes and types from standard blankets, gauzy blankets, pre-sewn Velcro cocoons, and zip up cocoons. We have used every single kind and depending on the situation and temperature each one serves a different purpose. In particular we love our zip up and Velcro swaddlers. We have one hand-me-down blanket called magic blanket that is a huge striped blanket that he has yet to fight his way out of! 
Another tool we use everyday is our essential oil diffuser with lavender oil at night. The oil helps calm the kids and lull them to sleep.    I myself use an essential oil necklace to help with anxiety so all day my little one is getting the health benefits of the lavender. There are a lot of awesome products out there that have oils in them for babies. If you’re looking for a more natural approach to parenting this is a must! 
A few other things we have used is a sound machine for the heartbeat sound. Babies just spent 9 months listening to mom’s heartbeat and suddenly it isn’t there anymore. We have a little portable one with a careseat clip that makes it easy to take naps wherever we venture off to. Once Jude started getting older he took after his uncle in always being hungry. Now before you try this I would speak to your pediatrician first because some suggest it some don’t and it depends on the child and the child’s health. We make a rice bottle for his 11pm feeding. I mix breastmilk or formula with some baby rice cereal and make a slush that he loves. This helps very active babies feel fuller longer and helps them be able to sleep for longer periods. The last thing in our arsenal is a calming bath or shower and we move to the bedroom in low lighting with some soft music playing and do a relaxing baby massage. This really helps to relax the baby and help them sleep. If you aren’t sure how to do a massage check out some on YouTube or see if there are any classes you can take. A simple go to is writing out the ABC’s with your finger on their back or tummy. 
If worst come to worse and you’ve tried everything there are some crazy things even we have had to pull to just get him to sleep. There was one day where I had to have him in a carrier strapped to my chest bouncing on my excercise ball nonstop. More than once we’ve had to set him on the washer or dryer and do a load of laundry. The gentle shaking and warmth has put him to sleep! 


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