Father’s Day Dadiator Games 

On the Saturday before Father’s Day Tyler was a contestant for the Dadiator Games hosted by the awesome baby/children’s store geared towards fathers called Seahorses in Portland, Or. Six fathers competed for the title, trophy, and bragging rights of ultimate dad! The day kicked off with music, story time, face painting, and balloon animals by several different performers in the area like Micha and Me, Mr. Hoo, and Olive and Dingo. Lunch was served up and shortly after the games we off to a big start! The dads had to do different challenges like blindfolded diaper changes, making a picky kid lunch, a obstacle course stroller run, and carrying groceries into the house after a barefoot lego walk! The day was full of laughs and prizes. The dads were rewarded and the evening ended with Father’s Eve. Check out the full site for info on every dad the competed! https://www.dadiatorgames.com


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